Why is not cool to be groovy…?

Intro, from the bridge, 3 down, 1-2-3-4 When did the word “groovy” stop being groovy? Did Austin Powers kill the word or was he trying to bring it back into circulation. “Groovy” or being groovy was popular in the late 60’s but when and why did people stop being groovy? Wikipedia tells us that “groovy” […] Read more »

The Days of Wine and Roses…

Intro, turnaround, 2 down, 1-2/1-2-3-4… In the mid-late 90’s I wanted to get gigs at cafes where I could play standards and bop tunes and work on my jazz playing as I figured that environment would be pleasing to work in as it’s quiet and people can still talk but the music can be burnin’. […] Read more »

James Morrison…

Happy International Jazz Day!!! Intro – last 8 bars… I first met James Morrison when I was 19 and the University Big Band (QUT) I was in had a Gala concert with James and his brother John Morrison. Still being a kid I was too shy to talk to him but I really wanted to, […] Read more »

Queen Dolphin Street…

Thank you to Rohan Seekers for the title of today’s blog. Yesterday I did a radio interview with Terri Begley from the ABC promoting the street parade I’ve organized for International Jazz Day (April 30). Before the live interview (on the Queen Street Mall as part of QSM live) started I asked what questions I […] Read more »

blog one

25 April, 2012 Ok, so i’ve worked out how to update my own website without having to pay someone else how to do it. Very liberating feeling. I do intend on blogging more and posting links, video’s, audio and whatever else I like as well as things I don’t like. My mother recently passed away […] Read more »