This year 2 of my favourite jazz pianists have passed away, Mulgrew Miller then Cedar Walton. It makes me think with more and more elder statesman of this music passing away is it now more important than ever to continue to play and promote jazz. I think every jazz musician should be a “jazz messenger”. In the sense that if we don’t send the message of jazz it will eventually dwindle into less than what it is now.

So to my peers and the younger musicians getting into this music; innovation in jazz in 2013 comes from finding your own voice, in fact that’s what it’s always been about. Nobody sounds exactly like Charlie Parker but many people are influenced by him, nobody sounds like Miles Davis but many are influenced by him. I feel there are too many people trying to find something new failing to realize that when playing a Bb blues if it isn’t new then it isn’t worth playing but extended techniques on the instrument and playing bad time with bad note choices just equals bad music/jazz. There is no need to try and be innovative Chris Potter hasn’t invented anything new he just does it so well that everyone else loves it so much that they want to be like that.


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