may news

I’m about to start a little tour to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. I’ll be playing with 3 different groups in the 3 different cities. I’m looking forward to getting the opportunity to play with a whole bunch of musicians that I haven’t played with before. I think one of the great things about jazz is that you can travel to different cities and play music that you know and communicate musically with people that you don’t really know.

This week I’ll be playing with in Sydney Col Loughnan, Bob Bertles, John Harkins, Brendan Clarke, Andrew Dickeson. In Brisbane, James Sandon, Brad McCarthy, Paula Girvan, Nick Quigley, Gary Eldershaw. In Melbourne, Steve Sedergreen, Frand Disario, Michael Jordan. It should be a lot of fun. These are all some of Australia’s finest players.

Also coming up in May is the Count Basie Orchestra to Australia. I’ve organised a workshop with trumpet heavyweight Scotty Barnhart and that should be really exciting.

Regular gigs this month are Jubilee Hotel every Thurs 4-6pm; Sofitel Hotel on the 15th of May.